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There's no such thing as a junk tree. It may need to be removed, but don't waste the resource. Planning for sustainable use farming and agro-forestry.

My passion is in sustained utilization of all our natural resources. I have had a booth and spoken at farm shows/home shows regarding the waste of tree fiber and carbon and the easy steps that can be taken to use the trees. Education is part of the answer - if you belong to a civic organization and would like a presentation on how we can utilize the trees that need removed for ag expansion or that are dead and dying in your neighborhood, please get in touch - 4str at

If you have some trees that are going to be removed - post the info on my other site
If you are looking for some logs or standing trees that are to be removed - visit my other site

Does precision agriculture intrigue you? Confused by that GPS? Contact KPS.
We can provide maps and analysis for your fields with inputs and outputs. Or just help you start using it yourself for the most advantages.

Crops getting whipped by the wind? We can design a windbreak, another could reduce your heating and cooling costs in the house or your shop.

We have 24 years of forestry experience, 27 years of geospatial analysis in government and have recently entered the private sector. We also have 29 years of agricultural analysis experience. We can assist you with professional forestry advice for your woodlot or windbreak and riparian restoration. On staff is a Certified Forester and a Certified Crop Advisor

Let us know if we can help you or if you have questions on how we could help you. 4str at

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